Aug 06

Online Retail Knowledge Portal

If you’re in the retail industry than you know how important it is to stay up to date with what’s new. Having a resource that does this for you will save you time and money. See the article below for a new online portal that will help you stay connected in such a busy time!


CitiXsys Knowledge Portal is a platform to download, learn and collaborate – all things Retail. CitiXsys Knowledge Portal (CKP as it is popularly called) is the hub of iVend community and is the central repository of information and knowledge on iVend Retail.

CitiXsys Knowledge Portal is available to all customers, partners and other business associates of iVend Retail where the community collaborates with a team of Retail Experts. CKP gives instant access to thought leadership articles; product downloads, engaging videos, reports and product release schedule designed especially for retail fraternity to assist them in their retail operations.

CitiXsys Knowledge Portal is the focal point for all partners and customers where they can get their queries addressed through interactive forums. CKP also gives the partners access to valuable information that they would need to effectively position iVend Retail Management Suite to their prospects. CKP also makes available to its partners marketing material that they may use in their marketing efforts.

Customers get to use CKP to get ready access to retail experts to get their business situations addressed. Engaging videos, how to guides, and a comprehensive knowledge base helps customers excel in their businesses.

CitiXsys is committed on building the relationships that shall help retail community succeed.  We shall help retailers delight their customers and deliver exceptional service while simplifying the experience for their users.

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