eCommerce ERP Integration

eCommerce has become the largest digital industry on the planet, which means there’s definitely some money to be made in this sector, but this also makes it one of the most competitive marketplaces of all time. In today’s digital commerce landscape, it’s crucial that you provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

In light of this, to stand out in the crowd, hone your business acumen, and stimulate optimal growth, you need special tools – tools such as integrable ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Trying to steer the course of your eCommerce business without ERP integration requires multiple discrete programs, tons of effort, and, the most precious resource of all… time. Simply put, you can’t afford to sleep on software like SAP Business One – the perfect solution for all your eCommerce ERP integration.

ecommerce ERP integration

The Importance of eCommerce ERP Integration

You may have already heard of integrated accounting software, programs that fit seamlessly into established business management systems and take care of complex business financial information and processes. 

Well, an integrated ERP is almost the exact same thing. The only difference is that ERP software offers a wider network of control and synergy. Whereas accounting software helps you to manage your financial resources, ERP software gives you a one-shoe-fits-all solution to managing everything, from money, to procurement, to customer relations, to risk.

While an ERP is certainly valuable to any company alone, it’s even more powerful and efficient when it’s integrated with all other applications you may be using – from order to cash (Receive Orders > Payment Processing > Invoicing > Fulfillment > Bookkeeping/Accounting/Reconciliation).

Failure to integrate all your applications means more challenges – your company runs the risk of error-prone data entry, out-of-stock, delayed fulfillment, and more. It’s a snowball effect in that if/when these things happen, it can result in bad customer experiences, which lead to bad reviews, lower online ratings, and an overall decrease in sales.

Automation is your biggest friend in the digital commerce landscape. It helps support overall business growth. Your current infrastructure may not be sufficient enough to handle the number of orders coming in and, therefore, may not allow you to properly scale.

In a nutshell, an integrable ERP system is a comprehensive software network designed to manage all core business data, amounting to enhanced interoperation communication, increased efficiency, improved decision-making, and, ultimately, snappy business growth!

What Can Integrable ERP Software Do For You And Your eCommerce Business?

  • Reduced Man-Hours

As we’ve already touched upon, the primary benefit of using integrated ERP software to run your eCommerce business is that it will save you time, and as any business owner understands, time is money!

How does ERP software achieve such a feat? It all comes down to automation and our favorite word… synergy.

ERP solutions take care of all aspects of eCommerce management, which means you don’t have to use multiple discrete programs, one for each aspect of business management, i.e. one for accounting, one for customer relations, and one for supply chain operations.

Although there are some great discrete programs out there, they lack the ability to communicate with one another, which means that all data transfers have to be executed manually by you or members of your team, which is a massive waste of time.

Integrated ERP solutions, on the other hand, do speak the same language, allowing them to communicate all data automatically — you don’t have to do a thing! And then, all the time you save while using ERP software can be used to focus on core business growth.

  • “Single Truth” Data

ERP solutions also improve operation efficiency overall by eliminating human error in the data transfer process, errors that will potentially throw a spanner in the works further down the general processing, decision-making, or strategy implementing pipeline.

This unparalleled data integrity allows you to make efficient and highly informed business decisions, thereby increasing productivity exponentially and fast-tracking growth.

ecommerce fulfillment process
  • Ease of Control

Time and truth aside, using just one application to manage your business is far easier than dipping in and out of multiple programs with their own ways of collecting, processing, and displaying information.

Instead of having to familiarize yourself with numerous interfaces and modes of operation, you have only one, making your life significantly easier.

  • Real-Time Data

When we say that integrated ERP solutions speed your operations up, we really mean it! In these comprehensive pieces of software, data trickles from the primary branch to all other connected management systems in real-time.

That gives you instantaneous access to hyper-recent information regarding your business resources, something that’s particularly handy for ordering new stock and keeping inventory fees at a minimum.

  • Everybody Can Access The Information They Need

With ERP software, all your teams can communicate with one another and find crucial information needed for business processes without impeding each other’s workflow, improving productivity across the board.

  • Customer Retention

Access to real-time data isn’t just great for you and your team, but for your customers, too! Your patrons can check things like order status, shipments, and available inventory themselves without ever having to contact your team. Not only does this save you time and resources, but it also creates operational transparency that inspires trust and keeps customers coming back.

  • Reduced Operational Overheads

Streamlining provided by ERP software reduces operational costs significantly, leaving you with some spare capital to funnel back into the business to stimulate growth.

Benefits of SAP Business One

SAP Business One provides everything discussed above and much, much more, and despite being an affordable ERP solution, it stands shoulder to shoulder with much pricier products in terms of features and usability.

What’s more, SAP Business One is designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses, meaning it’s perfect for most eCommerce operations – no matter how big or small your online store is.

Existing in the sweet spot between expensive, enterprise-grade software and free programs that inevitably fail to live up to expectations, SAP Business One won’t leave you paying out the nose for functionality that doesn’t suit your business model, nor will it fail to deliver on crucial elements of management either.

ecommerce integration

Support One: Seamless Integration

So, where do we come in? Well, we take care of the integration side of things. You can think of us as the middleman between your eCommerce business and SAP Business One. We can connect this ERP solution to any of the major eCommerce platforms — we’re talking…

Furthermore, as a cloud-based service, you can say goodbye to expensive software and hardware maintenance fees. With Support One, you pay a single setup fee, and that’s it — instant, affordable business augmentation!

SAP Business One, Support One, and You

Proper eCommerce ERP integration can be intimidating and perhaps seeing just how SAP Business One works will allow you to understand how it will iron out any wrinkles your current system may have.

So, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll discuss how SAP Business One can benefit your eCommerce business specifically.

You’ve done a truly admirable job to get your enterprise to where it is today – you got it up off the ground in a highly competitive market, you made it profitable, you strategized well and triggered growth… imagine how far you could take things with SAP Business One handling all the time-consuming grunt work.