Metrc Integration

As the cannabis industry grows and matures, so do the compliance regulations. To stay ahead of the curve, many regulatory bodies turn to Metrc – a compliance management solution that provides inventory and transactional data across the cannabis cultivation process. This allows businesses to connect their databases and track their product from seed to sale

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of connecting your inventory database to Metrc and how you can benefit from Support One’s easy-to-use ERP integration with Metrc. 

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What is Metrc?

Metrc is software that helps with regulatory compliance in the cannabis industry. 

The software collects data on cannabis products using unique identifier numbers (UIDs) or radio frequency identification (RFID) tags placed, from growth to packaging. 

The goal is to provide inventory and transactional data to regulators, ensuring compliance with state laws. Doing this minimizes the amount of manual work that business owners might get stuck with when trying to manage multiple business systems. 

That’s why connecting your databases is important — it allows for seamless data collection that regulators can easily access. 

Metrc API 

Metrc is an API designed to interface with point-of-sale and transportation systems. 

It has over 500 integrations, making it one of the most popular options for businesses in the cannabis industry. Metrc’s features include tracking sales and inventory, managing customer information, and connecting to external financial and accounting systems. The API is also built to scale, so it can easily handle the needs of businesses of all sizes. In short, the Metrc API is a powerful tool that can help businesses in the cannabis industry manage their operations more efficiently.

Benefits of Metrc Integration

If you work in the cannabis industry, then you know that tracking plants and products is a critical part of operations. Metrc is one of the most popular track-and-trace systems used in states where cannabis has been legalized, and it’s crucial to ensure that your dispensary or cultivation business is integrated with Metrc. 

Here are some benefits of Metrc integration. 

One Set of Data

Most businesses nowadays rely on some sort of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help manage their day-to-day operations. 

One of the major benefits of an ERP system is having a centralized database. 

This means that all your business processes and applications can share data with each other, which increases efficiency and reduces the risk of errors. Having all your data in one place allows you to easily access it when you need it. 

This includes both historical and real-time data.

For example, if you need to update your inventory levels, you can do this in one place, and the changes will be automatically reflected in your other applications, such as your accounting software. This saves you time and ensures that your data is always accurate and up-to-date. In addition, having a centralized database makes it easier to track down information and generate reports. 

Metrc is primarily a reporting tool that requires heavy manual input to reach compliance standards. By integrating into an ERP or third-party software, you can access enhanced data that can give you insights into your business as a whole. 

centralized database

Tracking Tags for Enhanced Inventory Management 

Metrc includes the functionality for cannabis items to have tracking tags that can be tracked throughout the supply chain. 

This includes items such as plants, packages, and products. By connecting your inventory database to Metrc, you can automatically generate these tags and attach them to the appropriate items. This will save you time and ensure that all of your cannabis items are properly tagged and tracked. 

Process Data in Real Time

When you connect your inventory database to Metrc, you can manage all of your data pertaining to cloning, phase changes, destruction of inventory, and the final harvest in one place. 

This data will then be automatically synced back to Metrc in real time. This will save you time and ensure that all of your information is up-to-date and accurate without the need to invest manual efforts in processing data. This translates to less time spent on cannabis operations and more time getting the data you need to make important decisions for your business. 

Tracking Certificates and Test Results

Integrating enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with Metrc can bring many benefits to businesses, including the ability to track certificates of analyses and test results from third-party laboratories. 

This process can be long and prone to errors. Still, Metrc can help you automate many of the tasks associated with managing certificates of analyses and test results, making the process more efficient and accurate. In addition, Metrc can help you streamline the flow of data and provide better insights that can aid in making business decisions. 

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Support One and Metrc Integration

Support One has been working with small to midsize businesses for over 15 years and have developed the Core Function Apps for our SAP Business One customers

The Core Function Platform is a multiple connection platform that facilitates productivity by being able to connect all data from the various business applications you use to and from the centralized data repository. This is similar to a wheel with a hub and spokes connecting your multiple applications. 

The Support One’s core function apps integrate with Metrc, which allows you to connect Metrc with whatever database you store your inventory, including spreadsheets. This allows for streamlined efficiency in tracking your inventory as well as being able to pull reports quickly and easily.

There are a few core function apps Support One offers that can help streamline your workflows:

  • Connect to Metrc
  • Connect to QuickBooks, Xero, etc
  • Connect to POS systems
  • Connect to Inventory systems
  • Connect to CRM, Order Entry, and ECommerce
  • Connect to ERP Systems like SAP Business One
  • Connect to Spreadsheets

Support One is offering our Metrc integration Plug-in for $99 per month as an introductory promo. This plug-in will connect your inventory database to Metrc for enhanced operational efficacy. In addition, Support One offers several resources for managing essential business processes, like invoicing and automating billing posting periods. This helps you build your operations acumen with powerful software. 

Support One and SAP Business One can help your company increase efficiency, improve profits and take advantage of the latest technology with a best-in-class Metrc integration.

Contact us today for a free consultation if you’d like to learn more about our Metrc integration to help you streamline your cannabis production workflows.